Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Since our second year of our marriage we, I use the term we loosely, have been making my Mom's recipe for Spaghetti Sauce. I would use a bushel of tomatoes and make a batch every other year. Unfortunately, we have not made sauce in about 7 years. Mick's part of the process is to use my Grandmother's Squeeze-O. The kids used to love helping with this part. It's a messey job so he always does it outdoors.
This year I only used a half a bushel, which we bought at the farmers market. For the first time I used fresh herbs. Also, for the first time I used real garlic, that I bought at the farmers market, instead of powder.This is by no means a money saving project. In fact, each quart is more expensive than store bought. We ended up with 11 quarts and I think it costs about $1.50 per quart. I worked on the sauce on and off all day starting at 8am and was completely finished at 9pm. I grew up eating this sauce and it's still my favorite!


lilpoppy said...

Yum..homemade sauce, have not had that in awhile!

Kay said...

Made me hungry! When will you be putting on a spaghetti dinner?

ke said...

More expensive but much better!