Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great NYS Fair

Debbie and I along with 85,856 went to the fair on Saturday.
Mau, one of my most dedicated readers, this picture full post is for you!It was fun for me to show someone around who had never been to the NYS Fair.

I always enjoy seeing the animals.This sheep had the best curly coat.
She is working on the top of a cow, who most likely will not have this kind of attention once back on the farm. The girl & the cow.

Debbie thought she had seen boys with hair styles like this.
Seals are not native to NY.
We saw signs for "Hot Beef Sundaes" around the fair. They are good advertisers since we had to go find out what a beef sundae was.
My favorite exhibit was the quilts. Loved the border on this one.
The colors are not the typical Christmas red & green.
There are 50 blocks, one for each state. Each block was embroidered.
The flowers on this are three dimensional.
This is a traditional pattern with great color choices.
100 tons of sand, don't know how it is kept together.

Tomorrow I'll show & tell about the butter sculpture.


lilpoppy said...

Did you have a Hot Beef Sundae?????

Kay said...

Enjoying your blog! Appreciate the time you put into this!

ke said...

NYS does have a good fair; Iowa does as well. However, Nebraska's fair is not too great and in 2010 it will be moved from Lincoln to Grand Island which will probably finish it off as Grand Island is further from the large cities and gas prices are on the rise.