Saturday, August 30, 2008

Contest from yesterday

Go here and look through the 8 pages of collages.
Guess which collage I am going to make for myself.
If you guess correctly, I will make a collage for you.
Your choice.
Post your guess here or on yesterday's post.
If more than one person guesses correctly, Mick will pull one name out of a hat.


Mau said...

OK, all 3 of us -- Kelsey, Mickey, and I -- guessed the yellow songbird. Mickey's taking that one. Kelsey says the orange songbird. Leaving me with the green bird, which matches NOTHING in your house. Are you copying the colors, too?

ke said...

I figured it'd be a bird as well. I'll take the lovebirds

lilpoppy said...

Blue Owl Family

Leigh Leigh said...

I am going to guess the love birds as well.

The Mad Tern said...

The blue bird trio.

Kay said...

I'm going with the leaf!