Friday, August 29, 2008

Copying is the highest form of flattery....and a CONTEST

This is a common quote in clothing choices and decorating but, crafts?
I certainly hope so. I saw this and then the price tag, $140. I knew I was not going to buy it & I really loved the art. So, I went to my scrapbooking papers & put a collage together for Amie. Mine is on a stretched canvas not a piece of wood.
I don't like the green measuring tape, to late now. When I was arranging the papers I didn't like it then but went with it anyway. My thought was it would add more green. Don't know when I will learn to go with my first instinct. I am going to make another, one for myself. If you leave a comment & guess correctly what I'm going to copy, I'll make one for you, your choice. If there is more than one correct answer I'll have Mick pull a name.
It's almost the LONG weekend. I can't wait. Going to the state fair on Saturday. Debbie is going to be at Fay Ln so I get to show the fair to someone who has never been. Sunday, if Mick allows, I would love to sit on the deck. Unfortunately, we have a basement to clean out and he's done waiting. Maybe Labor Day can be our day of no Labor. May you have a labor free long weekend!!


LA Girl said...
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LA Girl said...

I am not going to guess because I know which one it is. I don't want to help everyone out :) Plus I don't need to win...I already got one!