Thursday, August 28, 2008

Detective Work

After three calls to our localgoodfornothingexcepttaxes police force, with NO call backs. I decided to do some detective work on my own in the search of Agent 99. I still have her box.
I went to the station to ask what the name of the pawn shop where she was brought. Once home I called the shop and spoke with the manager. She did know that the GPS they sent to the station was not Agent 99. I'm sure that they knew that when they sent it. I gave her the serial number & she said she would track their sales. The manger got back to me & said they know who bought Agent 99 and have notified their local police to get her back. So far the police have not been able to retrieve her.
I decided this morning on my drive to work I need to just come to grips with the fact that she will not be coming back to me.

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Mau said...

Don't give up, yet!