Friday, August 22, 2008

Picnic Basket Tray

Two of the last picnic baskets I purchased had trays inside of them. The larger of the two I set out on the Hoosier cupboard in the living room. The other one I have on top of the pine cupboard. Once I can find another basket to buy I’ll be putting that one back into the basket it came out of. I don't like how it looks up there. I’m hoping that I can find one basket at our Antiques in the Park on Saturday. I’m also looking for flower frogs and an old typewriter that actually works. A short list, I think.
The pine cones are from South Carolina. I put in a request with Debbie & she sent Jim out on a search through their neighborhood. She brought them from SC to Atlanta & they flew home with me. They might be the most traveled pine cones around! Debbie thinks there might be even bigger ones come fall. I am hoping he can find even larger ones then. I’m putting in another request. : )

My two favorite days in town is when Antiques in the Park and Arts in the Park are held. Arts in the Park will be September 20. Tomorrow is Antiques in the Park starting at 10am, if you're around stop by. Remember there will be lots of quilts for sale this year!

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lilpoppy said...

See you for Arts in the Park on September 20th. :) Hope the Amish stand is open when I get there.