Monday, August 25, 2008

Golfing the EASY way!

Friday evening was a beautiful night at the country club. Mick was at Fay Ln with his Dad and unable to go. Our wonderful friends insisted they pick me up and play with them anyway.

None of the girls took the game seriously. As you can tell when someone plays in sandals. Terri hadn't played since high school. About 30 plus years, I think. Maybe the boys did take the game some what seriously. Hey, remember our bowling, we are a competitive bunch.
Dayle was the best putter of the evening. She plays once every two years so she was way ahead of the rest of the girls. Unless you can get onto a course you can't appreciate the landscape. Look at the height of the green compared to the fairway.

We didn't play off the regular tees. The boys played off the 150 yard markers and the girls off the 100 yard markers. Also, did a combination of captain & crew or the entire group would play the same ball. Basically what ever allowed for the fewest strokes.

When we were teeing up for the 8th hole. I said how it would be great to see someone have to chip out of a sand trap. Prior to this hole no one had even gone into a sand trap. On this hole two players hit into the sand trap. A big thanks to Mike for hitting out of the sand. I couldn't believe the amount of sand that flies. This is my favorite picture of the night.

I hadn't played in 23 years. I would like to try and go again this season. I would definitely need some intense lessons. The club has co-ed every Friday night. We stayed for dinner after our 9 holes and talked about doing co-ed one Friday night a month next year. Yes, I need intense lessons.


lilpoppy said...

I would come and play, just let me know. Maybe Butch could even come. Does one person have to be a member or can anyone play?

GEL-Oh said...

I'm not sure if only members can play on Friday nights. I need to find out.