Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picnic Basket Promise

do hereby promise,
that I will NOT,
forever and ever,
purchase another picnic basket
or pie basket for that matter,
as long as I shall live.

I also promise, that I will never again write about or show a picture about the picnic and/or pie baskets that I purchased in the past. As you all are my witnesses. So help me.
Now, to finally get this obsession out of my system.

If you walked into our home from the deck the above is what would greet you on your left.

Four baskets sit on the floor. Even thou I broke the decorating rule of "odd numbers" I would not go any higher with the stack.

The small basket is a pie basket that I bought at the Antique's in the Park on Saturday. It was $25, right in line with what I was paying at the antique shop. It looks perfect up there.


Mau said...

Your vow doesn't have the word "God" in it. Are you a politician? Nice baskets.

GEL-Oh said...

I didn’t want to mix God with my materialistic pursuits. I would like to be a politician. Although, I woudldn't get reelected. I would make to many unpopular changes.

Mau said...

I dare you!