Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amish Farm Stand

During our fruit and vegetable growing season I stop at Amish farm stands on my drive home from work. Eric, see your car? Do you miss it?
A young boy waited on me yesterday. I asked if I could take a picture of the stand and he said it was fine. He then moved 30 feet away from the stand so he wouldn't be in the picture.

Besides produce that they grow, they purchase fruits and vegetables from non Amish farmers.

Yesterday, I bought 6 ears of corn, 4 green peppers, a quart of tomatoes & peaches and 2 bags of yellow beans. This Amish family grew everything except the peaches. All of this for $9.25. I don't think a grocery store would beat that.

They also sell bread, jams, honey and pies that they make. I will not purchase any food items that our local Amish make. There is very poor sanitary conditions in their homes. In the fall they will sell pumpkins, squash, Indian corn and gourds. I love stopping at the stands in the fall.


Mau said...

Looks good! Right now, I wouldn't eat anything made in my own house.

Anonymous said...

And how on earth do you know that the sanitary conditions are poor?