Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo Developing

This is what $85 gets you.
I finally sat down and choose what photographs I wanted printed, something I haven't done since Thanksgiving. I spent several hours over three days choosing and uploading the pictures. I never will wait this long again! My goal is to download pictures at the end of each month and then place my order every few months. I use Adorama out of NYC. They have the best quality printing I've found. In fact, the first time I used Adorama Mick wanted me to have all our pictures reprinted. I highly recommend you have your photos printed there. Right Amie & Lisa, as in Europe pictures!!!
Micks Dad will be getting a photo album of our Christmas Reunion for Father's Day. Also, I finally got a picture for Angel, the winner of my first Blog contest. An 11 x 16 print of a building in NYC. Amie will have to carry it back, framed, to LA when she returns from her upcoming visit. Sorry Amie.


lisahong1 said...

I used this site to print some pictures earlier because Amie said you swear by it. I love benefitting from the research of you Lawler women.
PS. Guess who finally blogged!

The Mad Tern said...

I don't print anything. I am still hurting from having printed thousands of slides that sit in their storage binders (nobody has the patience to watch my slide shows). I figure if anybody wants to see our more recent pictures, I will show them C:\My Pictures on the computer. Sometimes, I even back up some of them, but if the computer went kablooey, I don't think anybody would miss them.