Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Farm Visit

Mom, Donna and I went to a farm on Saturday. It was a cute place in the country. They sell plants, items for lawn and garden and there is a small building for homemade crafts. What I liked best was how the house, barns & yard were decorated. I am going to have some of the pictures printed to use as cards.

I bought the bird herb marker for my newly established herb garden. This is my last bird purchase. I actually bought another bird for the inside of the house. NO more birds. Last night I made herbed baked potatoes for dinner and they were delicious. Yes, it was 85 and I turned the oven on.
Mom took a picture of Donna & I on the farm. She saw a Sister frame and thinks we both need one. I am holding out for a better photo for my frame!
In case you didn't notice, Google updated the Favorite Blog option. You can now look at the list and read what the last blog title was and when it was. I love to read all the blogs and get sick of going from blog to blog only to find there has been no update. This will save time. I think they did this just for Mau, she has no extra time. Boy, my family has turned into a SLACKING blog family. Ke is the only one with an excuse, she is at Fay Ln for a month with no internet.


lilpoppy said...
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lilpoppy said...

Do not like that picture at all.. new photo shoot please!! Can you believe I am asking for a photo shoot?

Bone said...

Ewwwww...never say you want another one!

Leigh Leigh said...

Those will make wonderful cards. I hope that I receive one in the mail.