Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of Summer

Tomorrow will be the first day of SUMMER!! I'm hoping we will have a wonderfully hot summer with rain only at night. A summer like that would make it easier to get thru our long cold winters.

An Agent 99 update; the Indian Reservation pawn shop sent an impostor back to our police station. Same model as her but very used & in bad condition. Officer said that they are not very honest. Basically they are a place to sell stolen goods. The officer told me if I want restitution, if she is not returned, I HAVE TO WRITE A LETTER to the court requesting restitution. Come on, wouldn't that be automatic?????

I am not sure how much GEL-Oh I'll be giving you over the next two weeks. Amie will be arriving home on Monday, I can't wait. I have lots of projects (aka work) planned for her. I am not sure what she has planned.

Everyone enjoy the first weekend of SUMMER!

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The Mad Tern said...

Huh. The police know they are not honest and a place to fence stolen goods, yet they are still in business and nothing changes.

That's the way reservations work in America. Put it on a reservation, and it is above the law. Nobody can do a thing about it. We have those problems out here only on a much larger scale.

Reservations are third-world countries within a country.