Thursday, June 19, 2008

Party in a Basket

When Amie graduated from high school it was the first time I had ever heard of someone going to college to be an Event Planner, that would have been my calling. Since I am to old for a calling, I live vicariously, mostly through planning our family reunions. One lesson I've learned is always give a monetary down payment (a legally binding contract) when booking any service. I guess that would be one thing college would have taught me, I had to learn the hard way. Currently, I am assisting with my nephew's high school graduation party. I've been shopping for all the paper goods etc. and taking care of the table decorations. Black, White & Maroon are difficult colors to work with. Not as hard as Gold & Brown thou! I'll spend this weekend helping with as many preparations that we can possibly do to get ready for the 28th. This is the to be graduate, soon to be off to Rochester. He also recently joined the ranks of Eagle Scout with his cousins, Jon, Andy & Ray.
Congrats Z!!!!
Should I start planning an Eagle Scout Award party?


lud(ef 34) said...

Get a tent,200 hamburgers and 4 kegs. I could do that. How much are you getting for this event planning? I should've done it.

GEL-Oh said...

What am I getting, you will be planning our next event. 200 burgers sound good to me. Can you add some wine with the beer?

Bone said...

I am there if the planning follows LUD's standards

The Mad Tern said...

Gel-oh, let's get one thing straight... lud does not drink wine with his beer. Besides, if he drinks more alcohol than is in four kegs of beer, his driving might be somewhat impaired.