Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Dirty Job

On Saturday I was paired up with Mickey, I guess I will go thru life with one Mick or another. We spent the day sprucing up the yard, planting flowers, pulling weeds, lots of sweeping, and cleaning the deck, the dirty job. I ended up with the broom, Mickey the scrub brush and her favorite, the hose.
We built a retaining wall, a surprise for Mau. We were able to find out on Sunday after a severe rain storm that it does retain! How do you like those bricks LUD?
We set one of the containers that we planted on a rock in one of the gardens. It just looks so cute there. Make sure you look for it if you attend the party and Mickey make sure you water it!
On Sunday, Mickey & I went to the grocery store with a long list and purchased the food necessary for the real preparation to begin. Although the weekend was work we had a lot of fun, laughs and tears but, no tears in this pair. Another Agent 99 update. When I arrived home on Monday, I was greeted with a subpoena to attend county court; you have a right to a hearing 146 hours after arrest. Thankfully, the DA’s office called and notified me that he waived his right to that hearing. Now, I most likely will be called to talk in front of a Grand Jury. This is our tax dollars at work, such a waste.

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