Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The first day of our family weekend was spent in NYC. Marie, Kristen, Amie & I went to SOHO first. Mick had lunch with his classmate from Columbia, Mike Nielsen, and then he meet up with us. Eric had to work on Thursday so he couldn't join us.
According to Amie, the California flag was there because the store sells clothing made in California.
The girls each choose a bracelet off the street to buy.

We just happen to come upon the best restaurant for lunch, SOHO O Park. If you go to SOHO you must try it. I did break down and ate some french fries. Mick attempting to meet up with us at Crate & Barrel.
Mau wanted to know who Kat was. She is now doing advertising for Sephora.
We did see one celebrity, Angelica Houston.

After lunch we went on to the Fashion District. Hopefully tomorrow I can tell & show you all about that.


Leigh Leigh said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I wish that I could have been there with everyone.

Mau said...

Everyone wasn't there!

The Mad Tern said...

Gosh, I'm glad WE weren't there. Two of the things I hate most in this world are shopping and NYC. Put them together and you have cruel and unusual punishment. I'd prefer a minute of waterboarding any day!

lilpoppy said...

Wish I was there, love the shopping in NYC!