Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Observed

I stand before you all today
But not one eye can see my way
My time arrived, to leave this earth
A fact so planned, to every birth
It happened where I had to go
My torch for life was so aglow
I transferred while in uniform
Protecting freedom, through a storm
Should I resent I died for you
Not on my life, red white and blue
Please help my family through each day
Tell all my friends, try not to stray
And of the country I did love
Do think of me, through God above
Your memories, brought forth this day
Send love to us, who could not stay.
© Roger J. Robicheau Former SP5 US Army

I took the photograph at our local cemetery and then edited it in Photoshop.

Fortunately, I have no family members or friends that died in the line of service and I am very thankful for that. On this Memorial Day, especially with our war going on, I can’t help but think of all the men & women that died in the line of service. Hopefully today, their families can find some comfort in the fact that our nation is honoring their loved one. A special thought to the parents of Eric’s friend and teammate Derek Hines. He was killed in Afghanistan and was a tremendous support to Eric during his time at West Point. When Derek was killed in 2005 Eric got permission from his college to put a number 7, Derek’s hockey number, on the back of his helmet in his memory.

Rest in Peace Derek!

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The Mad Tern said...

This is a bit of a reach, but I think you probably DO have a family member who died in the line of service. Mick's great grandmother is Anna Chowaniak of Zawoja, Poland. Karol Chowaniak, also of Zawoja, is very likely related to Anna, because Zawoja is not a big village and Chowaniak is not a common surname. We still have some work to do to put together the family tree back there. Anyway, Karol died at Auschwitz during WWII for harboring Jews, protecting them from the Nazi death camps. Different country, no uniform, but Karol gave his life for others' freedom as surely as any American serviceman at Bunker Hill, Omaha Beach, Midway, or Mosul.

I am certain that there are others in both of our families. Anyone who doesn't know of a family member who has died in war for the freedom of others probably just hasn't looked far enough!