Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here comes the bride and there goes an eligible bachelor.

Congratulations Leigh Anna & Steven!
May you have a long and happy life together.

I would love to do an engagement photo shoot.
You need a photograph for your save the date card.
Ask the father of the bride if purchasing an airline ticket to fly in a photographer would count as a wedding expense???


Mau said...

Bad etiquette warning! It's Congratulations, Steven! Best Wishes, Leigh Anna! Something about congratulating a female on an engagement makes it seem as if she didn't have dozens of proposals to choose from daily. Apparently, it's OK for the man, though? Imagine, etiquette lessons from Mau Post. Who'da thunk it?

Anyway, Best Congratulations, Leigh Annie and Steven! Where and when are the wedding???

What the heck's a save the date card?? Something Hallmark and the US Postal Service created? (I guess I'll never be a Post.)

The Mad Tern said...

REALLY bad etiquette... trying to pass extra expenses on to the father of the bride or the father of the groom. Fathers are tired of being crapped upon in this manner. I recommend "Father of the Bride," a movie starring Steve Martin, for all those who might need to understand weddings from the dad's point of view.

Leigh Leigh said...

I totally ran your question by dad and he didn't even pause in saying, sure we could do that. I am sure that he was only kidding, but I must say that I was quite suprised by his response.