Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bathroom Reno

The walk-in shower, door, faucet & shower head were all purchased with a great discount thanks to LUD. Mick & I thought we could fit everything into our van NO way. We had to drive thru the city during rush hour, thankfully we only had one crazy driver that LUD had to avoid. We got off the interstate after that .

Mick wanted to purchse a shower to fit the length of the opening and assumed the width was standard, NO way. He had to remove the wall into the bedroom in order to fit in the shower. He worked 3am to 3pm on Saturday. A lot of time was spent reading and planning. Of course the wood under the tub was rotten.
He spent most of Sunday doing all the plumbing, worked 4:30am to 5:30pm on Sunday. The faucet and the shower head had to be raised and the drain moved.
The start of the new wall. There is an outlet in the bedroom side of the wall.
Dry fitting of the tub.
Another project in the works, removal of the hallway tiles.
There were pieces flying everywhere, LUD was cut in the leg and Mick on the arm. Notice safety glasses are being used.
Thankfully, Dad didn't know what mess was going on in the house. I heard a rumor from Ke's sister that she volunteered to clean the house. Forewarning, there is dust everywhere, tearing down sheet rock & smashing tile is a dusty mess. This is what is left of the old bathroom.
Mick is also installing a new fan. He is looking for a fan that also has a heat lamp with a light. Will also have to take up the tile floor. All the tile along the tub was coming up. The thought is to put down one piece of vinyl.

I was the official photographer, that is one job I like. Although, I did haul the construction debris out for the village to take away. Friday I went to the Rehab center and was not prepared on seeing how frail Dad looked, he did look better when I went back on Sunday. When I arrived on Sunday he was in his wheelchair watching CNN. I brought the camera in both days and he enjoyed looking at the pictures of the project and seeing what the tub looks like. He talked about how much he likes the food, how clean the facility is, he also said his arms are still very weak and he has no stomach strength, PT is easy but he doesn't have the endurance to do anymore than they ask.
It was great seeing so much family over the weekend, the first time since Christmas that so many have been together. The plan is for us to visit again the weekend of May 31st.


lud said...

It was kind of fun making a mess on Fay Lane. I have never been able to do that before.

ke said...

Wow! A lot has been accomplished! I am more than happy to clean up the dust.

ke said...

Just think! When that wall Mick was tearing down was built, he was a toddler helping with the "dition" and teetering as he climbed up on the peak of the roof and did a ridge walk for all to see.

The Mad Tern said...

My personal thanks to all who have helped out on this one. Being so far away (also, being a "fathead" and therefore useless even if I was there :-), I feel indebted to all of you other "kids" and "kids-in-law". Let me know how I can help from afar!

lilpoppy said...

I was surprised on how well Mau could swing that sledgehammer, I never want to make her mad!!

Rachel said...

you guys are GREAT for doing all of that remodeling!