Friday, May 16, 2008

Work Weekend

“We” will be working at Fay Lane this weekend. First, “we” will remove a tub and install a walk in shower and secondly rip out old & lose ceramic tile in a hallway and install Pergo. Pergo, now that is something I can help with. Eric and I installed the hardwood in our kitchen/family rooms so I think I can handle that. (Mick denies this but I have the photos to prove it!) Plus, I’ve seen a lot of home improvement shows where it was being installed. Actually, I’m going to be the chef, shopper of supplies & photographer. Today, hopefully, we can purchase all the supplies so that first thing Saturday the demolition can begin. As expected, Mick is very excited about the project.
Be thinking of me this weekend. I hope you will have a relaxing fun filled weekend.

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The Mad Tern said...

GEL-Oh, thanks to you, your family, and all the "locals" who have helped out during this difficult time. Thanks also to Ke and to Leigh Leigh's parents who are making special arrangements to travel to the scene and provide service.