Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NYC Fashion District

I LOVED the Fashion District. This store was nothing but ceiling to floor buttons.
There were several stores with nothing but ribbon and trims.
I want to go back when I have lots of time and with someone, if there is anyone, who wants to shop in stores that sell nothing but buttons & ribbon. We also went into three shops that sold paper goods, stationary, envelopes, cards, etc. I need to go back to those stores.

Two sites that I wish I had on my hometown street.

I got to shop with two of the cutest girls in the city. : ) Plus, they always are willing to let me take their picture. Maybe that goes with being good looking.

Two blackberry's in use. One to look up the telephone number and the other to make the call. These blackberry's came in so handy. They were able to get exact addresses for stores and then the directions off here.
The only thing I bought was a plate from Antropologie, a store that whenever I go to a city I look to see if they have a store, here is the plate. So cute, I put it in our glass door kitchen cupboard.


lilpoppy said...

Loved Anthropologie in California, wish I could have bought more, but not when flying. Glad you guys had a great time! Did Amie go on any interviews while she was in NYC?

The Mad Tern said...

Okay, so now we have shopping, NYC, AND cellphones. Can it get any worse?