Monday, April 14, 2008

Comfort Food Part II

Sunday I decided I needed some comfort food, so I got out a Low Fat Cookbook & made some mac–n- cheese. It was delicious!

Mick even liked it. He didn’t want to try it but since it was the only choice for lunch, he gave in. In fact he finished it off for dinner. Sorry Mickey P. I will not be going back to my old mac-n-cheese, well except for you. If anyone wants the recipe, I made some changes to the original, let me know & I’ll mail it to you.

Friends invited us over for a “spring fling” party on Saturday. Our weather was not very spring like, cold, rain & some wet snow. They then turned it into a “welcome recession” get together, can’t call recession a party. After dinner we played Apples to Apples. We all knew it is a popular college game. We also had the feeling that students must replace the green card with a shot?? Or somehow drinking is involved.

I was bad and did no sewing over the weekend. I guess I need to have some incentive that I can use the cushions on the deck. Our weather is no where near deck sitting. I did get a craft project completed thou. I’ll have pictures of the project tomorrow. It was made for the winner of my presidential candidate contest.

Happy MOnDaY


lilpoppy said...

Love home made mac n' cheese, but no way would Butch eat the low fat version. Guess I will have to try the cooking thing and make some just for myself. Of course maybe if he did not see what went into it he would never know the difference, you think?

ke said...

"He likes it!! Hey Mikey!"