Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We went about six miles “out of town.” Now, the term “out of town” takes on a different meaning when you consider where we started from. When we arrived the parking lot was filled with trucks, snowmobiles and a few four wheelers. I told Mick when we parked, don’t get us blocked in, thinking we may need to leave quick.
I thought the shuffleboard that we were going to play was the kind played on cruise ships and by senior citizens in Florida. I completely forgot about this kind of shuffleboard.

We couldn’t get the machine to accept our quarters so the owner came over and told us the machine wasn’t working and play was free. She also said the machine was purchased by her grandmother in 1947. I remember playing when I was young and my brothers and I would fight over who was going to sprinkle the sand onto the lane.

We had a great night, there were six of us and we each played two games.

I didn’t know there were any pictures taken of me playing until I downloaded the media card. Thanks Mike. I can’t say for sure but I think I remember correctly, Mick & I were the only couple to win both our games.

We are planning to go back.


Mau said...

Are you old folks reliving your teens? Do you behave when the kids are in town?

Leigh Leigh said...

That game is so much fun. I played it for the first time after college and absolutely loved it. I was pretty good at it too, which is surprising. I am never very good at games of that kind. It looks like you guys had a blast. I need to find that in Atlanta and take Steven.

ke said...

The guys look rather dressed up for the occasion!!

dollface said...

I <3 shuffleboard!!! And for the summer months you could go really crazy, you all could walk to Nina's and play. That's where I first played :-)

Kristy Girl said...

that looks like a lot of fun!!