Monday, February 25, 2008

Library Benefit

We played in a trivia contest to benefit our local library on Friday night. It was held at a coffee shop. The donation was $5.00 per person with a maximum of six per team. We thought our chances were not that good since we are all in the same age group, plus or minus three years of 50. The other teams had wider ranges of age. Not having older team members, we thought, was to our disadvantage. Truthfully, we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves. The questions were very hard. We had a great night & I loved the game. I would do it once a month, if it were available. Mick even enjoyed it, he hates playing non sports related games.

Notice a reoccurring theme?


lilpoppy said...

I'm glad to see that the competitive people can still laugh after finishing in third place. You are getting better!!!!

The Mad Tern said...

"Not having older team members"? You're older than me, and my kids date me from the Paleozoic Era.

Mau said...

Looks like you guys needed Uncle Jim. He never would have allowed a third place finish! Were there only three teams?

LUD said...

Mick,what's the score?
Mick,where did you finish?