Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book Club

Last night I attended my Book Club meeting, we meet the last Thursday of the month. I usually, 85% of the time, do not like the books we read. This month was an exception. I would recommend this book to someone who does a lot of reading or for anyone that belongs to a book club. There are so many great subjects to discuss within this book.

The club has forced me to read books I never would have read. It got me out of my “Danielle Steele type books.” Book after book after book, boy & girl meet and they end up living happily ever after. Another good thing is we are always served a glass of wine at the start with a great snack and hot tea after the book discussion.
Well, the girls LA, DDS, LL and Kristy are really starting to show me up with their blogging skills. Rumor has it Ke has a blog in the works. Her non-blogging daughter doesn’t believe that it will ever happen. I am also putting pressure on this non-blogging daughter to start one of her own. She won’t want her MoM to show her up. I’ve given up on Mau. I am going to work the kids when I see them in March. I also mentioned blogging to Lilpoppy, she could put that new camera of hers to use. I’ve yet to see a picture from that camera!!
Tomorrow TGIF.
Thank goodness.
Everyone have a GREAT weekend.


The Mad Tern said...

Okay. Want some really good books? Try these:

(1) A Series of Unfortunate Events (actually a thirteen-book series) by Lemony Snicket (aka Bill Handler). The first of the series is "The Bad Beginning". If you like books on tape, these are even more recommended. Tim Curry reads them very well.

(2) Almost anything by James Michener, including "Poland," "Chesapeake," "Alaska," "Centennial," and "The Covenant."

(3) Books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They team up to write some great ones, and Preston writes some alone.

Rachel said...
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Mau said...

Ye of little faith -- given up on me so soon?