Sunday, March 2, 2008


March did not come in like a lamb here so I can only hope that it will go out like one. This month I have a son, a brother, three brother-in-laws, four nephews and wait, what, a girl, one sister-in-law who have birthday’s this month. How did Amy, the 31st, end up in March? I guess her MoM just didn’t want a child born on April Fool’s Day. Kristen also celebrates her birthday on the 11th.
March is National Crafting month. Bet you didn’t know that? So in honor of that occasion, I am going to go up to my craft room and craft. Most of you probably didn’t even know I had a craft room? I would take a picture of that room but the room is a big huge mess. Crafting is a messy endeavor. Below is a recent craft project, a St. Patrick’s Day wreath for our front door. We still honor our Polish heritage with the orange door. I have to justify an orange door that was supposed to be orange just for the fall and then red for the winter somehow.

The reason for my February question was because I have a photo wall that I can’t find the right photographs to fill the frames. Mick built the shelves and this wall has looked like this since October, I hate to admit. I call the pictures my family during a blizzard. I know the vote was 9 to 4 against all black & white but I am still leaning towards all black & white. I can’t decide if I just want the four of us with only current photos or include baby pictures. Do I include our parents and grandparents? I need HELP.

Well, I am off to craft.


ke said...

I'll send you my most recent photo ASAP--actually, it is probably in YOUR camera!!

ke said...

And...I always said, that's why they waited til April to deliver LA girl, because L family girls just are not born in March. Amy wasn't a L when she was born...

Mau said...

Jell-O, Jell-O, Jell-O. You think too hard about the picture thing. If you want black and white, put up black and white. Your vote was looking for a rule. I believe that when people answered that they disagreed, they meant that you should do whatever the heck you want in your own house, not that color looked better. Read how you asked the question. You weren't asking us what would look better. Am I right folks?

About that door.... I am truly ashamed of Mick. Such a slacker. The whole thing is a salute to Protestant Ireland. Tell him he can redeem himself if he gets over here and finishes our kitchen. It's the only way he can save his image in the blogging world. ...or he could always claim he was just preparing for Halloween '08. It also works as an SU thing.

Don't feel bad about the lack of craft room photos. Now you understand how I feel about my whole house!

About the March birthday thing, I have a mother-in-law on the 13th, and 2 brothers-in-law -- ANOTHER on the 9th (!) and one on the 21st. And the in-laws' anniversary on March 1st. Let's see, 1,4,9,9,9,11,11,13,15,17,21,30,31. Jell-O, when're your brother and other nephew? Did I miss anyone? Oh, Mickey is 13.5, TODAY!


PS. My front door has been WHITE for 18 years, now! Though it may have more black, gray, and brown scuffs than white. It has been painted, believe it or not.

Mau said...

PPS. I like the orange door with the green wreath.

lilpoppy said...

I think they should be all black and white, now that I see what you are doing. And do all recent photos.But, that is just my opinion. WOW National Crafting month, should I try a craft! :)

ke said...

Mau is right about the photo question.. Wish I had a craft room!! JW wishes I had one, too!!

The Mad Tern said...

Like I always tell K, you women think too hard. I didn't even respond to the poll, because I didn't get it. I'm a guy, so that's understandable.

You'll never find any part of our house in "Better Homes and Gardens".

We can add no birthdays to the March list that you don't already know about. Even though K had seven siblings and (of course) two parents, none was born in March. They prefer January. K, both her parents, a sister, and a brother (I think) were born in January. Most of the rest are May through August.

BTW, I was supposed to be an April baby, but I came early. It was so hot and stuffy in the eggshell!

The Mad Tern said...

RE: the poll -

(1) My veins run blue;
(2) I don't drink beer;
(3) I LOVE potatoes!

I guess I should not respond, although I am nearly half "Irish-American".

Kristy Girl said...

march is the greatest month! it is both my and eric's birthdays!!! WOW...that craft wall looks amazing!! that will keep you busy for a while!!

Leigh Leigh said...

That wall is exactly what I have been hoping to do in my bedroom or living room. I love it and I am so excited that I see it actualized on your wall. I will now show the picture to everyone that I know and will just have to make it work. I was just telling mom to check out the blog so that she can help me when she comes to visit this weekend. However, due to my limited living conditions, they will have to be store bought shelves, please do not hold that against me. I am so excited now. I can't wait to start. How are the pictures up there? Are they standing on their stand, leaning, or attached to the wall?