Monday, December 3, 2007


Attending a cookie party on Saturday at Mom's house. Her ninth annual, I believe. Got my cookies made & ready to freeze and they are delicious.
Cranberry Poppy Seed.

I also have to make one ornament to exchange at the party. Will get it finished tonight. Mick cut 150 blocks for me yesterday. It is one like we will be making at the Lawler Christmas Reunion. Will have pictures of the finished ornament tomorrow, hopefully. Today was a first in the life for Brittany, it was her first snow day as a teacher. Hope she used it to get ahead on her lesson plans. Right Brit? It was also the first time Mick used his snow blower this winter. It only was used about five times last year. For some reason I don't think he is going to be as lucky this winter.


Anonymous said...

Of course mrs. lawler! I used my snow day to my advantage, and I feel we should have had another today, or at least a delay. My hands are still cramped from gripping the wheel to work this morning. enjoy the snow:)

Mau said...

What no chocolate? What kind of cookies are those?

Donna said...

Waiting to see the finished ornament, after all you were going to write in this blog EVERYDAY!!!