Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ants came marching .... ... ..... .... .

We had ants last Spring. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why, until yesterday. When I was trying to figure out where the ants were coming from I assumed the kitchen, but I had just put all our food in our brand new kitchen & knew nothing was there that they could get at. The ants were in the cupboard in our living room, our bedroom and my scrapbook/guest room. Yes, I do keep the food of scrapbookers, Junior Mints, on hand at all times in the scrapbook/guest room but they didn't touch them. Guess they knew better!

Yesterday, Mick was emptying out the living room for our next room makeover and he found candy canes that I bought last January to use for decorations for this Christmas in one of the crocks. Notice how one of the candy canes is open at the end? Well, it is hallowed out about four inches deep.

Buying candy canes in January to save money was not such a savings after all since I spent about $20.00 on products to get rid of the ants. Now I can only hope that Mick has forgotten all about reading this Blog of mine & will never know about the money I saved buying candy canes in January.

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