Monday, September 27, 2010


This is what happened when I didn't follow my own recipe for Pumpkin Bread.
Not to worry we ate very bit of the bread on the outside of the cans.
Did you know there is a canned pumpkin shortage? Amie went to three stores in LA before she found any and Mom didn't have any in her hometown store. The manager of my grocery store told me the bakery wouldn't be having any pies this fall season. Better buy your canned pumpkin now, you might not find any when everyone else is trying to buy it when the season really kicks in.

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Maggie O. said...

soo I'm sititng in the SYR terminal 5 to head back to BUR, surfing the interwebs to pass the time and I read your blog, and realize this pumpkin shortage must be why I couldn't find any last spring. Then in my surfing I head to and find this report: so have no fear the Pumpkin shortage seems to be over!!!