Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Noah & His Animals

When I went to LA back in September I shopped at a thrift store and bought the below crewel. It was professionally framed and I paid $15.00. I took the crewel out of the frame, it was in terrible shape. I then had the crewel professionally framed when I got home. I won't say what that cost me, Mick does read the blog.
The piece is in excellent condition. It was framed in 1974 so I assume that is when it was made.
The porcupine or maybe hedge hogs are my favorite.
The rams have wonderful character.
Like the lamas also.
I do feel bad that someone put so much work into a piece & then it was given away. At least it has found a good home!


Meglynn said...

Yay it looks so good Gale! Did you have it cleaned too? It looks brighter! Good Work!

GEL-Oh said...

Meg, I didn't have it cleaned. Once it came out of the frame it looked fine. I want to go back to that thrift store! Will you take me?