Thursday, October 15, 2009

Replacement Again

Thanks for all your suggestions naming my replacement GPS. I knew someone(s) would suggest their own name, that's something I would have done. I loved the idea of "my little helper" and Sacajawea. What a joke the Palin suggestion was, totally against my idea of smart. So, when I decided to name the GPS Palin I couldn't believe it.
About four hours into my 15 hour road trip the GPS quit, shut off, screen went blank, to this day has not started back up, resigned. I was in a panic since I had no idea what my route was. Thankfully, about 45 minutes down the road there was a Walmart. I ran in, bought another GPS & paid way to much but at that point I would have paid anything. I should not own a GPS. I guess I can't live with one & can't live without one. Palin is not going back to Alaska but to Amazon in Kentucky.
Since I can't have a day without a photo. Our rental. Come visit, it sleeps eight.

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Mau said...

I had pictured a white house. We will be there - Lawler Reunion 2010! Find a rental next door that sleeps 20 or so.