Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy Haircut

Mau loves to cut hair. Just ask her & it's done!Thankfully, I had hair cut scissors. I bought when Amie was little so I could trim her bangs.
Mickey always receives lots to comments from people on the beautiful color of her hair.
One thing Mau does not like is having her picture taken. Apparently, hair cutting & picture taking is a good combination.
Can't believe this is the LAST weekend in August. May you enjoy every bit of your yours!


ke said...

Mau's family sure makes for lots of blogging material! They are always doing something!

lilpoppy said...

Next time Mau is in town let me know I could use a trim!!!

Mau said...

The kids WILL NOT go to a barber shop or salon. I think Kelsey and Z each went once. Mickey went once to get an updo for a wedding when she was flower girl. You'd think it was painful or something. Ke, I think GEL-Oh is getting desperate! Donna, use a salon! Haven't you heard the story about what happened to GEL-Oh when I trimmed her hair?

Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

A haircut always makes for some interesting photography.

--Matt Bamberg, author,