Monday, June 8, 2009

Benefit Recap Part I

Dessert table in the dining room. Thanks Dayle & Terri for your contributions of delicious goodies.
Kitchen table.
Setting up on the deck cold beer & soda.
Kristen had the assignment of ironing clothes for all the boys.
We then got into looking at old photos.
There was a trip raffle.
Candice took care of the entry for the trip.
Bob was our bartender for the evening. He is a professional bartender by the way! I know Amie is reading this & thinking I was in my glory giving out assignments & keeping things moving. Yes, Amie I was. : )
This is what greeted me Sunday morning. The photo is not blurry, this is what it looked like when you had nights of 3am & 2am.
Our floor has never been this bad.
Can you guess how I spent my Sunday?
Tomorrow I'll have a few more people photos from the evening.

Our donation jar was filled by the end of the evening. : ) : )

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