Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day

In the US, this hobby has surpassed golf in popularity: one in four households has someone playing golf; one in three has someone involved in scrapbooking. From Wikipedia
Take this all you golfers. People make fun of my hobby. I guess they are the ones that are out numbered. Unfortunately, I won't be able to spend my day scraping. I have to spend it working the deck. : ( At least the golfer in the family will also be on the deck!
The above page, 8" x 8" was the last page I made, about two weeks ago.


lilpoppy said...

Wish I was playing golf today, but it is kinda cold out. Maybe later if it warms up.

Lisa said...

Such a cute page, and what a beautiful family you have!

Kristy Girl said...

that was taken at our house last may!! i miss everyone!