Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Work Weekend

Below is the step that was removed to be replaced by an addition to our deck. I'm in the process of designing a small bench to display planters out of the wood from this step.
The wood that will become the deck addition.
The cement that was poured last weekend. We got plenty of rain over the week and thankfully we found out it drains well.
There are always issues that come up when doing any project. The deck is now level. Mick had to get out his jack and raise this corner over two inches. It made a huge difference.


Mau said...

I love the contoured concrete. Mick is so talented. (no sarcasm!)

Bone said...

I think that house was built without the use of a level.

lilpoppy said...

Can't wait to see it complete with the new stain!