Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Does anyone play the Hangman game anymore? Does anyone under 30 even know what the Hangman game is? I used to play with my Grandmother all the time, I loved Hangman, I was a nerdy child.

I'm so excited for this weeks Thursday's Tip. It is one of my favorite tips. Just so you know, I do test all my tips to make sure they work. Mick thought I was going to blow the house up testing out this tip. My favorite to date is the one about the foil & plastic wrap. Out of curiosity, do you a favorite Thursday Tip? Maybe I need to get a life & stop posting on Thursdays? There are times when I consider hiring a Tip Assistant, someone to come up with & test out tips.

I finally finished a blog prize. Mickey put in a request for blue, green, & pink with a volleyball theme. I love how it came out. I hope she will although, she didn't get any pink. I had no idea the prize went all the way back to September. Sorry Mickey.


lilpoppy said...

The tabs on the plastic wrap and foil was my favorite. I like the Thursday tips you can't stop now!

Mau said...

Want to hire me? My tips are a little less "mainstream" than yours and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

I love the VB art. The colors remind me of swimming. I am impressed you made it work. When that first VB went on and was totally transparent, I was sure it could not be saved.

Amber said...

My students love to play hangman and they are only 10-13 years old. :)