Monday, March 2, 2009

Trivia Contest

Our team meet for dinner prior to going to the library trivia benefit. We did not get off to a good start. When we left for the coffee shop, where the contest was being held, our cars were covered with ice. The library director was also with us so there was no getting started until we arrived. I let Mick do the scraping. Bob was the master of ceremony again this year. He's presenting the coveted trophy to the winning team.
There was only a one point difference between first & second place.
Bob also took the picture of our team . I think he better stick to his Alex Trebek job.
Can you figure out where we placed? Hint: Look at the team names on the chalk board.


Mau said...

Since I don't know the couple on the left, but you have an "M" family and an "L" family. I am going to say you came in second as Team MLB. You also got there late, and that team is second from last on the list. Also, you made a point to say that there was only one point difference. The 1st place team would not point that out. I vote for MLB, 2nd place.

Rachel said...

good detective skills :)

lilpoppy said...

That was my guess also Mau! Did Mick make the Trophy?