Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tip Thursday

When adding contact numbers to your cell phone for a person or place you call the most, enter an A, a space and finally the name or place of the contact.
When I open my "Contacts" the list looks like this
A Amie
A Eric
A Mick.
It is so convenient to have their names appear right at the beginning of the list rather than searching for them alphabetically.


Mau said...

If you use an exclamation point, the names come before all the A names, too. My first contact is

lilpoppy said...

Amie is my first contact without adding anything! So sorry Mick and Eric.

LA Girl said...

Yay for names that start with a

Amber said...

I do that with my computer files but I use a 0 instead of an A. Never thought to do it with my cell...