Friday, March 20, 2009

Drinking & Dining

I finally was able to experience the wine cellar. The pictures I've seen prior to my visit does not do it justice. One wall has floor to ceiling shelves that they put together themselves.

Eric is becoming quite the wine connoisseur. One lesson he didn't remember, red wine will give you a headache. White wine will not.

This was my favorite decoration. I have a thing for birch.
Our second bottle had sentiment in it & required straining. Carmine received the strainer for his birthday, which was Wednesday, the same day as Kristen.
All dishes used had a wonderful grape pattern. Grapes = Wine : )
They have a LOOOOng way to go to fill the jar with corks.
After the wine cellar we were treated to a delicious dinner.
The dinner was a birthday celebration for these three.
It was a wonderful evening.


Mau said...

Nice pictures! Every person in your pictures is good looking. How does that happen?

GEL-Oh said...

That's why I'm always the one taking the picutres!!!