Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Can you have to many eggs & birds around the house?
In the family room.
In the living room. The wall in the family room.
The blue front door.
I hope not.
If I found another abandoned nest I'd bring that one home also.
Mau, remember when I almost bought those cute birds in that pet shop? I didn't think they would travel well on my trip home. The same pet shop that I wanted to buy Mickey the dog?


Kay said...

Beautiful decorating!

Mau said...

I remeber the birds! Buy Mickey a dog, and you will discover you CAN have too many dogs in YOUR house!

lilpoppy said...

Not too many at all, very tastefully done.

LA Girl said...

So you will buy Mickey a dog, but not your own beloved daughter? This seems flawed.

ke said...

I heard Mickey won't settle for anything less than a purebred show dog. Thanks Aunt Gel-oh!

Kristy Girl said...

great easter decorations!