Friday, March 6, 2009

My week in review.
Our trivia team name is the first letter of our last names. We came in second place, for the second year. I take full responsibility for our placing. I was insistent on the year the paper clip was invented. I was wrong & we got a lot of questions wrong because of it. A sample question for you. What radio station call letters spell the name of it's city exactly?
Mick was in Toronto all week and I didn’t have to cook for the entire week!! I purchased a rotisserie chicken on Monday & ate it every night. Whenever I have rotisserie chicken I remember back in the day of CJHL playoffs. Eric would eat two whole chickens before every playoff game.
Eric, back in the two chicken days, with his linemate, Steve.
The photo on Wednesday shows the tattered edge obtained by using the Tonic distresser. Hope you figured that one out. I love that distresser.
Amie’s “new” job is going great. This week she was assigned PLAID for the entire company. If she doesn’t already, she better love plaid! I put in a Mother's Day request with her. I would like an updated Flat Panel. The one pictured below she made while at FIDM.

Hope you had a good week. It will be a short weekend. I hate adjusting my waking up & eating schedule to that lost hour.


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Just don't go to sleep!

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