Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grandma & a few small buttons

Over the long weekend I was able to find some time to craft. I had the frame, it was a birthday gift from Mau several years ago. I have had a "thing" for old buttons for awhile now and got the idea to do something with buttons from Scrapbooking Life's Little Moments.
The photo is of my Maternal Grandmother. She was a phenomenal crafter, seamstress, knitter, crocheter, drawer, you name she could make it. She was also a wonderful cook! I like to think that my measly crafting ability came from her. The gene skipped a generation because my Mom has none. Thankfully, Amie has the crafting gene and she gets to craft for a living!The button card belonged to her & the labels I tore off spools of thread that were also hers.
This button card was also hers, and my favorite of the two. The measuring tape & even the safety pin belonged to her.
Guess what? These three buttons were hers. I bet you already figured that out. But, the lace belonged to my Paternal Grandmother. While making this project I found of bunch of sewing items that belonged to my Paternal Grandmother. I think I need to make another collage. I actually had some tears while making this project thinking about all the wonderful memories I had of my grandmother.
I'm going to hang this in our half bath off the family room. I feel funny having a "legacy" type item in a bathroom but it will look good in there. As soon as Mick is finished with installing the new molding it will get hung.


lilpoppy said...

What a nice post!! No crafty bones in my body :(

Mau said...

I have crafty bones, but they are going to waste.... I never make the time! Nice project!