Friday, February 6, 2009

Geneseo Ice Knights

I'll be watching Geneseo Ice Knights play tonight and as the saying goes, "you can never go back."
I'll miss my travel partners but, they may not feel the same about me, their designated driver. I won't be watching my most favorite defensive line in all the SUNYAC. I did get to see Sankey play last year. I hope he is doing well back in BC.
I hope I remember to "be aware." One time I wasn't & I had a mark on my arm for about eight months.
I'll even miss the old coaches.
I'll especially miss the Ice Knight's number one fan, Hiroko, who is back living in Japan. What she wouldn't give to see another Geneseo hockey game.
I won't be celebrating a victory at the Idle.

Although, I hope I will celebrate a victory.

I will be seeing Amber & Don.

Let's Go Ice Knights!


Bone said...

Ohhhh what I would do to have those days back.

Kristy Girl said...

i want to see more!!! there has to be some videos of eric sitting in the penatly box!!!

Julie said...

Hi Gel-Oh,

I left this comment on the Cosmo Cricket blog as well, but just to make sure you got it I thought I would post it here.

The easiest way for me to do that technique is to run over the edge to be torn and curled with a paper distresser first. I use Tim Holtz edge distresser. This softens up the edge and makes it easier to work with. Then I just make about 1/4-1/2 inch tear in the paper and curl the edge up by rolling it tightly with my fingers.

lud said...

That was fun. I miss those days too. My liver doesn't,though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Lawler! I miss all these people too!! That picture is from my 21st birthday... I am now 25, haha! Time flies!!