Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tip Thursday

Everyone knows about tying something to your checked luggage when flying?
I read that most people tie red onto their bag. I was one of "those people."
When I was waiting by the carousel for my two bags, a black & a brown, out of the bags that went by that had something tied to them, 2 black & 1 brown, ALL had red ribbons. The 4th bag with a ribbon was mine, also with red, I was happy when I spotted the hockey ribbon. Next trip I take, I'm tying another color ribbon onto the bags. I'll do anything to make flying easier.


Maggie O. said...

I always tie a strip of fabric with a bright & crazy print on my luggage, you can almost guarantee no one will have the same print.

GEL-Oh said...

GOOD idea Maggie.

Mau said...

We use an orange plastic tag.

The Mad Tern said...

We use orange timber cruisers' ribbon.