Friday, November 7, 2008


Last Thursday I purchased the last glass oil lamp that I needed for the mantle. I can hear Jim say, "needed or wanted." It's the lamp closest to the mirror. I found it in a gift shop near my office and it was only $23. I quickly grabbed it off the shelf and felt like I needed to quickly get out of the store with it before she changed the price. I'm going to burn the tops of the wicks, it would make for a nicer look. I also want to add oil into the lamps, if they will hold oil. I'm not sure if there are cracks or not.
Another work week comes to an end. Next week I'll have Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, the week will go by even faster. It's only 19 days before Thanksgiving and I can't wait. Although, I don't want to wish my time away.

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Kristy Girl said...

looks great!!