Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Crafting

Mick was in Vancouver, BC from Saturday until yesterday so I spent some of the time by myself crafting. When he walked into the house I thought since he returned he didn't know Obama had won. He did know & came home to me after all. He didn't know that Syracuse had won on Saturday so that was a nice surprise.
I've had this project in my mind for a long time now. We usually give wine away during the holiday season and I wanted to make the gift somewhat more personal. The holly berries & leaves are made with wool felt. Wool felt is SO MUCH nicer the the regular cheap-o felt. This is the first time I've ever used it and I'm not going back.
I bought the burlap to make the bags and then I got the idea to make a bag out of felt. I think now I'm going to buy more felt for other bags. This project is very easy and and it doesn't take very long to make a bag. I have also come up with an idea to decorate bags that would not involve holly berries, for bags that could be used during other times of the year.


lilpoppy said...

Very crafting project is very easy!! I do like the felt bag over the burlap.

Mau said...

I have real holly if you want me to harvest some. Much easier!