Thursday, October 9, 2008

"GEL-Oh, come take a picture."

Mick & I keep very different schedules. He is up early, sometimes 3 or 4. He if grabs a quick nap after work, he may also stay up late into the night working on home projects. I require 8 or more hours of sleep a night. I love my bed! I was in bed on Sunday night & he was out in the garage working. He calls for me to come out & "take a picture of the moon." I really didn't want to get out of my warm bed on a 30 degree night but I figured it must be something to capture if he thought so. I got my robe on, grabbed my tri-pod, put the telephoto lens on and changed up the camera settings.
When I got outside and looked around I actually had to ask him what he saw that he wanted me to take a picture of. He wanted the half moon with just the one star in a black sky. If you look close you can see the one star, on the right side of the picture towards the top. Of course, I saw someone walking up the sidewalk while I was out in my robe & pj's. Thankfully, it was a teenage girl. Now you tell me, was this worth getting out of bed for? I think you know my thoughts. I received an email this morning apparently my daughter is now the blogging star of the family. She will always have one up on me. I much prefer being behind the camera, although not with pj's on.


lilpoppy said...

I think it was worth it!

Leigh Leigh said...

Just think, he may never ask for another picture and it is kind of intriguing. We don't ever get to see a sky that dark around here.

However I would have been very hesitant to get out of my warm bed to run outside :)

Mau said...

I love the picture. Of course, my daughter is always out taking sky pictures, night or day. Must be hereditary. Has Mick started calling you GEL-Oh?