Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Visit Part 2 of 4

What are the chances that two cousins that grew up living 1,300 miles from each other are now in the same city attending different colleges? I didn't get a picture of Dan with Z, I did get one of Dan with his Mom. A tree near Dan's apartment. Need to get in some fall foliage for Amie.
Dan's apartment building. Not really within walking distance to school but he does bike to class. Wait until he gets a taste of a NY winter. He says he is excited for it. He doesn't watch TV but he uses this TV to play video games. Look at the laptop on the bottom left, you can see how big this TV is. We decided that this piece of furniture is a shoe holder. He uses it to hold all his game controllers. If it were in Eric's apartment it could be a wine rack. Amie would use it as it's true purpose, shoes!
I can not believe, I really can not believe, that I was able to talk Mau into having her picture taken. The two care givers of the family. A title that no family wishes to ever need to use. Sunday before with left for home, a game of speed Scrabble.
Family care givers need to forget their responsibilities and act silly every now & then. Can you guess who's idea this was & who I had to convince to be the second to get under the table?

Looking forward to seeing Dan & Z again at our house for Thanksgiving.

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Leigh Leigh said...

What a nice weekend! The color change up there is so amazing. Ours is quite pitiful in comparison.