Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Day

Saturday we attended the wedding of one of Eric's spring hockey teammates. They played together in 6th & 7th grade. We hadn't seen KK since he was in high school.
KK's parents looked great. His Dad was actually the coach of the team. The first coach that really taught Eric how to play defense, he was a great coach. He told me he still misses hockey and it went by all to fast. I couldn't agree with him more. This is the head table.

I loved the simplicity of only two white flowers on each of the guest tables.

Cakes have certainly changed since my wedding days. Initials on the top of wedding cakes are all the thing now. That was one observation I learned from my recent Atlanta trip. Mick, very edited in Photoshop. I love the different looks you can get editing photos. I waste way to much time playing with Photoshop and I wish I knew the program better. Good thing he doesn't read my blog, he would be very upset with me if he saw this!

Since this is a Wedding Post, exactly 10 months from today will be Leigh Anna & Steven's wedding. Anyone interested in combining a mini family reunion with a wedding on HHI?


LA Girl said...

The picture of the head table looks amazing! What a photographer you are! Love you!

The Mad Tern said...

Mick could have accomplished the same thing without Photoshop. He'd just need a divot from the fairway of the local golf course!

Leigh Leigh said...

I love the pictures that you took at the wedding. I am so glad that you will be at mine. Can you believe that we are already at 10 months. How crazy is that?

Leigh Leigh said...
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