Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike

At 12:36am on Monday, Hurricane Ike went though our neighborhood. I know the exact time since it awoke me out of my sleep. It is hard to believe that a hurricane that hit land 1,800 miles away could do damage so far away. The winds and rain subsided about four hours later. One branch broke in our backyard. We never lost power although, about 2,000 homes in the area did. Good thing my bird bath was spared. My brand new, very hard to find, white mum was blown over & split in half.
Some days we complain about where we live but at least we are far away from REAL hurricane damage. Also, earthquakes. Right Amie?


LA Girl said...

Right, Momma!!!!!

Mau said...

You need a new choice under your poll: "There is no good choice, and once again, I am very scared. I may organize a write-in campaign."

Lisa said...

I'm glad you are ok. I'm also relieved your birdbath survived. :)