Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of Autumn

Instead of walking my course I went to the Nature Trail and looked for signs of Autumn. As you can see from above, 99% of the leaves are green. I was able to find a few that have started to change color. Not far from here the leaves are already at 80% of color.
There is a small pond there. I've always liked the look of cattails. Gee, I need to contact Wikipedia. I like my photos of cattails better than theirs.
I guess this is what happens to the cattails in the fall. It is called stuffing & some birds will use it for their nests. I never intended to educate myself writing this blog. The only purpose was to show Amie pictures of home & force myself to practice using my camera. There are lots of ferns around the pond. I have a few in our perennial garden. In the spring I bought a few more to plant. Wish I could move a few of these. We are planting a Birch Tree in our yard to replace the tree that had to be cut down in the spring. Mick has it tagged at the nursery & will take a truck to pick it up one day this week. I just hope it won't meet this fate.
I think there is some relation between frost & caterpillars. Since I don't want to put education into the blog, I'm not about to start searching for an answer. No more education & blogging.


Kay said...

Where's the nature trail? It is beautiful! Your pictures are a welcome site!

GEL-Oh said...

The trail is at the Elementary School down the street from my house.

lilpoppy said...

I love the first picture, magazine quality.

Anonymous said...

As you will see in a mail from me the Northern Canada areas have got colour now...Would love to get the pics of your area once the leaves change colour. Missed that when I was there in 06.